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May 24, 2021

Full Moon Ritual

Full moons bring emotional issues to the surface causing collective reactions. It represents the conscious release of feelings, burdens and overwhelm that we’ve accumulated within our lives. Because of the emotional intensity that arises during a full moon, it is a good time for reflection and being present in the moment with the help of a Full Moon Ritual.

Flower Moon

It is a common phrase that April showers bring May flowers. In the northern hemisphere, the abundance of colorful flowers and blossoms are a symbol of late spring time. Because of all the blooming occurring at this time, the May Full Moon has been named The Flower Moon. It is also the symbol of the end of harsh frosts and the greenlight for farmers and gardeners to begin planting seeds for crops.


May 26th- Blood SuperMoon Eclipse in Sagittarius


An eclipse represents emotional circumstances and situations that are on their way out. They are a change-oriented, shifting, intense, and pivotal transit. A blood moon is basically a total lunar eclipse; spiritually signifying that some things can’t continue as they are.


The Blood SuperMoon Eclipse in Sagittarius means it’s time to get more realistic and less philosophical about our views and ideologies. We need to back up our opinions with true facts.


Hyperfocus on goals and sobriety.


There can be an attraction towards dogmatic or unclear philosophies that have sinister undertones to their messages. Getting to the source of what we idealize and what is growing from those ideals is the essence of this moon. Old ways of thinking and damaging personal philosophies are going out.


The positive side of this energy is to clear up physical and emotional space so that you can manifest what you want. Taking action in this form can also reveal your life purpose, but this does not go without testing you to make sure it is what you truly desire.


Strive for purity, integrity and high vibrations during this time; in addition to removing dependencies on mind-altering substances, toxic foods, abusive people and chemically-based products.


There is a lot of water and fire energy occurring with this full moon. Continue to flush out your body with fresh water to remove internal toxicity. Purify your living and work spaces. Release painful emotions through therapeutic methods. Focus on healing.


This eclipse is taking place on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. It is the axis of connections, acquaintances and siblings. At this time, we can witness world events that cause visceral reactions in people, so it’s important to stay aware and stay safe. Shifts in the world, in our perspective and  in our decision-making are happening with this eclipse. Avoid risk-taking, impulsion and rushed decision-making. Find your comfort zone to help create balance during a wild transit.


Anticipate shocking news that ripples through societies. So, seek gratitude for simple routines and the sense of normalcy you can create for yourself.


Be on the lookout for radical views and opinions about the world because Sagittarius can be very ideological and insistent. The practical way to use this energy is to think positively and optimistically about yourself and other groups of people.


Strong reactions can cloud our thinking and judgement causing us to point out what we don’t like in others. Seeking the truth within the chaos will provide psychological relief.


Show gratitude for the things you’ve worked hard for. Honor your personal progress because regularly minimizing what you’ve accomplished will start to gain negative momentum.


Also, living in an emotional space of lack, poverty and negativity can cause huge detriment and a quick manifestation of unfavorable circumstances. Look for the things in your life that are sturdy and safe. Replace or repair what needs to be fixed because broken things can extend into other areas of life affecting your health, career or relationships.


Money and value is at the root of many of our issues as a collective due to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, Jupiter in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus. You may need to shift perspective and seek more self-value. Instead of saving money for uncertain times, maybe you need to use it towards a growing health issue or transportation issue that could turn into an inconvenience if avoided.

Full Moon Ritual Tools

When it comes to tools, use what interests or resonates with you. Examples for tools to use during a full moon ceremony are:


An altar contains tools, images and all sorts of things that help you tap into your spirituality. Use items that will help you raise your vibration.

Aroma Therapy

Focusing on our senses is a good way to raise your vibration and purify the air.


Find out what zodiac sign the full moon is in and how it corresponds to your natal chart. This can help you pinpoint the mood to connect with and what area of life this energy is playing out in the most.


The Moon is a water illuminary. A soothing bath is a good way to release emotions.


Wear cozy clothing in colors that lift your mood and that have a spiritually relatable meaning


Use crystals for mindfulness and healing. Crystals with intricate patterns help with focus. The energy they carry helps with grounding, insight or healing depending on the type you use.


Fasting raises your perception of a situation and boosts your energy levels after food is fully digested in the body.

Feng Shui

The art of organizing objects in your space to release or bring in new energy. It helps to keep energy flowing and not become stagnant.

Focus on Others

Offer caregiving and nurturing to loved ones for acceptance and hopefulness in your relationships.

Flower Essences

These infused flower tinctures are known to help with all sorts of psychological and emotional ailments. They can be diffused or taken by mouth.


Bath blends, herbal teas, incense, etc. Herbs are potent and have medicinal properties to assist in physical healing.

Higher Learning

Study something you’re interested in on a deeper level and share your wisdom.


Being in the company of plants, animals and the elements helps with renewal and raises your vibration.

Spiritual Texts

Many people find solace and reflection when they meditate on ancient spiritual scriptures

Full Moon Ritual For Manifestation and Letting Go

This could consist of decluttering and cleaning your space.

Do a physical release of material items

Take a ritual bath

Add bath salts, herbs, and oils.

Tap into the senses with lighting, music, aromas, foods and comfortable clothing and furniture

This puts you in the space to receive soothing energy and lift your vibration.

Open a window to get a view of the Full Moon and to let its light in

Purify your space and body with sage, incense or palo santo. Say and feel a mantra as you remove energetic contaminants. Sage takes away heavy, stagnant or negative energy. Palo Santo brings in positive energy.

Do a meditation on your own or a guided full moon meditation

Focus on releasing what is no longer useful to you.

Light a candle and journal about any manifestations that have come to pass since the New Moon or what you would like to release

Prompts can include restricting beliefs, irritations, self-sabotaging habits, unbalanced relationship exchanges. Don’t focus on legibility, accurate spelling and writing structure. Just write from a stream of consciousness.

Burn the journal entry under the moonlight to transmute the energy

Releasing emotions through writing helps the energy to not build up in your body turning it into serious ailments. It also helps to not put your burdens on anyone else. Don’t re-read what you’ve written. The energy has been released upon the paper and re-reading it re-consumes you with what you’ve already released.

Go outdoors and bask in the moonlight

Feel how light you feel and focus on being grateful for what you’ve manifested and your power.

Charge your crystals, water, potions under the moonlight