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March 01, 2017

More than tea and compresses

Healing plants do not work as fast as a headick pill. Give herbal active agents and the body of your child some time. This time is for his healing and the active ingredients valuable. If youI sit on your child’s bed, give him a healing tea, maybe a compress and read him a story or jus talk, will this help your child a lot to feel better. It feels an intensive care, while his body his fighting his sickness. This childhood memories help your child to feel safe and strong. Healing with herbs, if you do it the right way, is gentle and formative. The mind can follow and grow as well.


But very important are the right ingredients. In our herbal products active agents are not isolated, in synthetic medicaments agents are isolated. Herbs are mixes of active agents, those agents complement and support each other. This is one of the reasons why side effects are less.




  • essential oils
  • bitter substances 
  • pigments
  • tanning agents
  • pectins
  • salicin
  • saponins
  • mucilage


As you see herbs have a lot more than just etheric oils as ingredients that are useful.