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March 05, 2017

Relax togehter with your baby or toddler
3 Moments of relaxing and soothing that connect you with your little one.

Pamper baby's tummy
Many babies have adaptive difficulties after getting born. Baby's little tummy is very sensitive and the digestive system is just starting to develop. A baby tummy massage given by mama or daddy is a wonderful daily ritual. A warm room temperature during the massage also helps to relieve the gas out of baby's tummy. 


Secure bathing with your little one

Some fragranges are able to remind us about a special situation. It can be so intense that you feel emotions and thoughts again. The warming sense of calendula and lavender does that to me.

It is the sense that makes our bathtub in a secure place when you bath your baby  in it and cuddled with her.  

Taking a bath together can support the connection of mother, father and newborn, even if the bonding after birth wasn't able to develop as you had hoped to. 

Beloved memories are created in our natural organic herb bath that will last forever. 

Evening Toddler tea ceremony

In the japanese culture tea ceremonies are a common ritual, that makes you relaxed and feel save because of its repeating steps. 

Create a special connecting ritual with your little one and prepare two cups of tea together. This will also support to get relaxed in the evening and prepare bedtime. 

While you boil the water you can pick your cups out together and prepare the scoops of loose tea. Your toddler will be totally focused and fascinated by the different textures and colors of the ingredients. Also poring over the water and seeing the color of the water in the cup changing and the herbs enlarging might be very interesting for your child. 


The warming aromas of anise, fennel and caraway will fill up your room.You can cuddle together, start reading a book and softly ending the day together.