Amethyst Statement Necklace

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Large Amethyst crystal necklace | Amethyst statement necklace | Polished Amethyst crystal necklace | Cut crystal pendant | Amethyst jewelry

This large polished amethyst crystal has been electroformed into a pendant. Each necklace has a thick 30" copper chain that has been "dipped" for an ombre finish.

Each piece and crystal are as unique as the person it will adorn. Please allow for variances with size, shape and color of each beautiful stone.

Each piece is handcrafted.

Birthstone - Aquarius & Pisces - February

*Purifies and cleanses the aura
*Creates an energetic shield around your body good for protection while traveling and matters of business and finances
*Strengthens power of perception and helps stimulate your third eye assisting the development of psychic intuition
*Helpful when working to overcome addictions