Organic herbal bath

Bathe your baby without fear of harmful chemicals

100% organic, gentle, bath herbs:
Calendula, lavender, rose bud, chamomile, hop, & sunflower
Perfect herbal mix for babies’ skin
Cleanse and nourish your baby’s delicate skin. Help your little one relax and enjoy their first interactions with mother nature. WUNDERBAR!

Support against diaper rash

Our formulas were created by European pharmacists to help your baby’s skin by helping prevent diaper rash, and support relaxation. The HERBAL BABY BATH is handcrafted, like all our other Mama Wunderbar products, and made with love.
Tip: Take a bath with your baby in your bathtub, cuddle and bond together, while experiencing the soothing herbs.
Photo tip: Place the herbs in your bathtub without a muslin bag, allowing them to float freely, and capture some great memories with a camera. Be sure to only add organic, fresh flowers and herbs into your bath, as flowers you find on markets are often treated with chemicals.


Organic newborn bath

This organic herbal bath blend is a amazing combination of a sweet floral and a calming aroma. Adding our Mama Wunderbar baby herbs to your little one’s bathwater will help you clean your baby in the most gentle and natural way. All herbs are organic and picked based on baby's needs.
Set the room temperature to about 74 degrees, 10-20 minutes before undressing your newborn or baby. It is safe to bathe your newborn in a tub after her umbilical cord stump has fallen off. If you join your bathtub with your baby, it will most likely enjoy the bath more.

Our herbal face steam supports self-love for every mama
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