Organic liver and kidneys detox. 


100 % Organic Herbal DETOX POWER
Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale), Red Clover Blossom (Trifolium pretense)
Your liver, kidneys and intestine derserve some help
Help your digestive system to detox. If you drink daily a cup, you will see that your body feels better. This combination is very different compare to usual detox teas you find on the market. Our Digestive Detox will support your gut health*.

Why to do a digestive detox? Healthy gut benefits

Your gut health is about a lot more than just digestion. A healthy gut is correlated with increased energy levels, a strong immune system, maintaining a healthy weight and happiness. 

Support your immune system with a digestive detox:
80 percent of your immune system is situated in your gut. Good bacteria in your gut work very hard to make sure your immune function is working. This is why you should always take great care of your gut and support a digestive detox. 

A healthy gut is a natural energy booster:
Your good gut bacteria can help you maintain your daily energy levels naturally.

Stay focused:
Goodbye, brain fog; 
hello, clarity! 
The probiotics in your gut communicate with your brain via the vagus nerbe

Digestive Detox - Gut Cleanse

  • Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body
  • Stimulates the digestive system, causing it to digest your food more efficiently
  • Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys, and skin (support your skin with out beauty face steam to detox your skin
  • Improving circulation of the blood
  • Refueling the body with healthy nutrients

Detoxes can benefit your body, but they can also be very dangerous if used irresponsibly and in a too extrem way. 
Nutrients become more readily available to the body, and less waste is generated. The liver can focus on the important tasks, like helping to rid the body of excess fat stores. 
A Digestive Detox Tea is a very gentle form of a daily gut cleanse, but the medicinal herbs that are used are not less effective for your digestive system. 

Anxiety is simply a combo of having poor gut health, high cortisol levels and not living in the present moment.

Digestive Detox supports your gut and lifts you up. 

Digestive Detox Tea Ingredients

Your liver, kidneys and intestine deserve some love. Help your digestive system out. Indulging in a daily cup of our digestive detox tea, which is a different combination from the standard detox teas you can find on the market, will help your body feel better. Dandelion root helps to relieve bloat, constipation, and digestive problems while also acting as an electrolyte-rich diuretic and a potent liver cleanser. 
European Pharmacists have used dandelion roots for centuries because they are renowned for supporting healthy liver function, are packed with a lot of nutrition such as magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, vitamins A, C, E and K, fiber, and powerful antioxidants such as beta-carotene and lutein. Dandelions are also a powerful diuretic. Also it reduces the risk of urinary tract infections. Our digestive detox tea can help to purify blood, regulate blood sugar and improve blood circulation. Laboratory studies have shown that dandelion can kill certain bacteria and other microbes.
Also red clover is a wonderful ingredient for our organic digestive detox tea: A 2001 study demonstrated that the isoflavonoid compounds from it protect from inflammation and immune suppression induced by UV radiation. Red clover aids in cleansing the liver, lymphatic system, and spleen of toxins. Red clover can help prevent illness and infection. It is also a wonderful remedy for coughs and respiratory system congestion. 

Our DIGESTIVE DETOX TEA is handcrafted, like any other Mama Wunderbar product, and made with love. 
This tea mix has a bit of a nutty taste, so coffee lovers might especially enjoy it!


How does the Digestive Detox Tea taste like?
Roasted dandelion roots taste nutty and can remind you a bit of coffee. It is a wonderful taste, that no regular tea herb can provide. 

Why to drink a lot of water?

It's important to drink also plenty of water when you're drinking your Digestive Detox Tea. 
You can use water to detoxify your body during the day -- the more hydrated you are, the less toxins will stay in your gut. 
Water eliminates metabolic waste and filters environmental toxins from your bloodstream. It also improves digestion, bowel function, increases your immunity and improves your metabolism. 
A healthy gut is a great flu prevention. 
Dandelion root is slightly laxative so it is important to keep you hydrated. 
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Side effects of dandelion

  • Heartburn
  • Stomach inflammation
  • Mild diarrhea
  • Low blood sugar
When not to take dandelion:

  • You are taking lithium
  • You are taking diuretic drugs
  • You are taking hypoglycemic drugs
  • You are taking Cytochrome P450 (CYP) substrate drugs
  • You have hormone-sensitive cancers
  • You have chronic kidney disease

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