Moon Phase Candle

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Moon phase candles celebrate the feminine connection to lunar phases and celestial events by using the moon cycle to manifest dreams and desires. When creating the fragrances, we were inspired by the natural elements, meanings and rituals associated with each phase or event. Each candle’s packaging contains a glyph, word and intention to encourage a journey towards abundance using the lunar cycle. * 100% hand-poured soy wax * 50 hours approximate burn time * Intense fragrance throw.

Moon Candle Choices

Selecting Your Candle
Candles may be selected by moon phase to create awareness of the lunar cycle and to manifest desired intentions, to mark a significant date, or choose one just because you love the fragrance or are inspired by the illustration.

What is included

10 oz black glass vessel; textured and embossed label on jar; metallic branded lid and embossed packaging wrap.

Each candle was created to mark a moon phase or event. The fragrances are inspired by the meaning, rituals and intention associated with each phase.

Different Moon Candles

eucalyptus | amber | moonflower

Eucalyptus inspires action, spicy amber and floral notes add warmth.

Connect // Take positive action and move forward.

calla lily | sea salt

Supermoon's bold green floral fragrance summons strength, courage and the goddess within.

Power // Super charged energy amplifies your dreams. Shine bright.

sandalwood | white ginger | yuzu

Yuzu's unique citrus note, sandalwood's warmth and clean floral combine for a fresh start.

Create // Set intentions for a new beginning.

lavender | rose | sassafras

This full bodied, floral fragrance inspires relaxation.

Reflect // Breathe. Consider and refine the path to your dreams.

patchouli | cypress | bergamot

A grounding mix of warm woods and herbs invites you to release what may be holding you back.

Transcend // Release negativity and receive abundance.

sage | juniper | smoke

This sultry, grounding fragrance evokes sage smudging and purification rituals.

Transform // Clear past energy and embrace your new journey.

For Moon Lovers