Abalone Shell (vegan)

Hand build Abalone dish using stoneware clay and a real abalone shell to make the star impression on the inside. Abalone Shells symbolize water, a part of the balance of the natural elements during spiritual practices.

The vegan Abalone Shell!

Designed to hold a smoldering smudge stick during a cleansing ceremony, we love the thoughtfulness, detail and skill that created it.

The rims are glazed with a chrome/mirror glaze, giving them a jewel-like effect. Twice fired, and hand glazed, they are made with non-toxic materials and are food safe. Use them for rings, trinkets, spices, candy, seashells, crystals or by themselves as decoration. They are durable, dishwasher-safe, adorable and perfect for anyone who wants to bring the sea into their home.

In Native American tradition, abalone shells are considered gifts from the sea and lakes. It is also ideal for holding cleansing charcoal and incense.

Dimensions5.5" l x 5" w x 1" h

Weight 0.4 lb

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Our Abalone Smudge Shell is the perfect piece to add to any home decor. Traditionally, an Abalone shell is used in a smudging or incense ritual, to represent the water element. Inspired by desert colors, we finish the porcelain clay in a custom blend of four glazes. This gorgeous piece can also double as a beautiful ring or jewelry dish.