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Palo Santo Burner

Our beautiful palo santo burner is the perfect ritual to de-stress after a long day. It's fragrant smoke will help clear your mind and make your home smell amazing too!

5.5" l x 5.5" w x 1" h

Weight 0.5 lb

Palo Santo Burner

Handmade in California

How to use a Palo Santo burner

This handmade palo santo burner is carefully designed for the easiest, cleanest, and safest burning practice. The incense holder props up the stick at just the right angle for smouldering and dispersing the smoke. The plate underneath is the perfect size to catch any falling ashes and can also hold extra sticks or a lighter. When you're done smudging, quickly extinguish your stick on the ceramic plate without worrying about melting or leaving a mark.

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