Palo Santo Smudge Stick Kit

Palo Santo

Wild harvested Palo Santo Sticks from Peru. 



2-3 Palo Santo Sticks wrapped in floral pedals

Regular Palo Santo Sticks

Floral Palo Santo Bundles

Palo Santo Literally means “holy wood” thanks to the many healing and spiritual properties and comes from South America. Combats negative energy and helps clear away negative thoughts and misfortune. 

We offer out Palo Santo Kit in three sizes. 1oz, 3oz and 6oz. 


Burn Palo Santo

Palo Santo won't burn as long as sage. It will need to be relit multiple times for clearing larger spaces. Much like sage the smoke of palo santo is so powerfully cleansing that almost every shamanic ritual in Peru incorporates burning it.

Effects of burning Palo Santo

Sage will clear ALL energy, the good and the bad. This is great if you have a plan how to bring some positive energy back, after burning it. Palo Santo will cleanse the negative energy and bring in the good.

It is a type of wood that comes from the tree of the same name. Palo Santo is indigenous to South America. Mama Wunderbar's Palo Santo comes from Peru. 


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