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Baby Tummy Tea

For a calm happy #Babytummy

sensitive cuddles, mommies heart beat, tummy massage, a sleeping song - there are many things that give your baby the feeling of being safe. But sometimes your little ones do not only need love from outside, they need it also from the inside. For example if your baby has tummy pain or a colic. This wonderful mix of organic herbs as fennel, anise, chamomile and more, help your little ones tummy to relax. And if your baby is relaxed, parents are relaxed as well. 

For baby tummies


For babies everything is new and kind of exhausting. Baby tummies feel the same. Children Tummies need to get used to milk, formula and solids and their digestive systems needs to be trained.

Our Mama Wunderbar BABY TUMMY TEA is exactly made for moments like this. The organic herbal mix is easy to digest and made out of tummy supportive active ingredients. This reciepy is created based on medical studies made by German Universities. The warmness of the tea has a soothing effect and the natural sweetness of the fennel reminds of mother milk. So can the little ones easy in balance and can relaxed discover the new world with mom and dad.