Our story -  Mama Wunderbar is the resource for European herbalism to help heal and support the body, soul, and mind. We celebrate the unadulterated healing force of herbs, flowers, roots, active agents, and oils as natural remedies and resources for wellbeing. Explore our 100% organic, hand crafted products, all formulated by European pharmacists. We are a tangible touchstone for people who want to get and stay healthy, and support their bodies in traditional ways that are proven by both time and medicinal studies.

Mama Wunderbar's Story 

Mama Wunderbar represents a traditional European way of supporting the body, skin, and mind, in a way that goes far beyond teas, flower essences, tinctures, and bath salts. It's a healing force, an immune system potion, and a chemical free beacon for those seeking recovery, wellness, and longevity in their lives - A safe way for being healthy and feeling good. 

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A Word From Our Founder


When I moved to the U.S. and got sick for the first time, I could not find the right products I needed at a pharmacy. Everything was so different, because I was used to having personal pharmacists guide me, one on one, who could give me my prescription, over the counter medicine, and/or personal herbal mixes to support my recovery. Unfortunately, I could not find this at the pharmacy next to my house in the States. I went home with my chemical power boosters that would help me feel better, but did not support or reduce my recovery time, as none of those ingredients were actually proven in studies in helping the body recover.

I created Mama Wunderbar for people who are interested in a safe, proven way of healing; a way fueled by herbalism to actually help yourself get better, instead of just feel better. Our only intention is to add healing herbs and wellbeing to your life.

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Everyday, I witness people’s joy as they take their first sip, or feel their first face steam bath, as they realize these medicinal herbs really work. They're real, they're functional, they're here, and they're life changing - I know because they changed mine.


Mama Wunderbar is not just our products: it is a tangible touchstone for people who want to get and stay healthy, and support their bodies through a traditional way, proven by time and medicinal studies.

There is nothing I want more than to share this European, chemical free way of getting healthy with as many people as I can.

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