BEAUTY DETOX - Your Beauty Tea

BEAUTY TEA - for inner and outer beauty. A detox blend of flowers, stems and roots. This highly aromatic detox tea is layered with subtle warmth and complexity of lemongrass, ginger and roses. 

Feel the herbal DETOX power


100% organic, herbal, detox, and beauty tea:
lemongrass, ginger, & roses
Your metabolism needs some help!
Help your metabolism get its energy back. If you drink a cup of detox tea once a day, or more, you can feel your body become cleaner and and more energized. This Beauty Tea gives you inner and outer beauty. 


Incredible tasty
BEAUTY TEA - The drink to your health

Do you need a detox?

plant medicine, detox, herbs & flowers?
Our formula was created by European pharmacists to help your body to detox. This special detox combination will improve the way your body feels in many different ways.
The BEAUTY DETOX TEA is handcrafted, like all our other Mama Wunderbar products, and made with love.

This tea mix has a bit of a nutty taste, so coffee lovers might especially enjoy it! 


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