A dry cough is very uncomfortable.

Stop that nasty dry cough

100 % Organic Herbal POWER
thyme, buckhorn, marshmallow leaf + bark, iceland moss, lemon, orange peel, ginger, anise, rosehip, cinnamon 
Signs for a dry cough
Your throat is sore, the smallest thing can turn into a cough. During your cough no disease agents will be removed. Dry cough can cause you sleepless nights. 

Unfortunately some cough teas you find on the market, are wrongly mixed. You can find herbs that promote dry or productive cough symptoms in one blend. All of our products are formulated by german pharmacists, so you can support perfectly the stage of cough you are in right now.  

Does this nasty dry cough doesn't let you sleep?

Often people suffer from a dry cough at night. Our formulation was created by european pharmacists . The THROAT tea is handcrafted like any other Mama Wunderbar product and made with love. Drink away your sore throat.

This tea mix is quiet spicy, we want to encourage you not to sweeten this tea, because the taste supports the much needed energy boost. 


Honey and dry cough tea

Raw Honey is one of the best medicines for treating coughs, and the thyme, buckhorn, marshmallow, iceland moss we use in our natural dry cough supplement are a terrific antimicrobial herbal mix for upper respiratory infections. Taken together in hot water they can ease your symptoms and speed you on your way to recover.


Dry Cough Remedies
Breaking a sweat is an important part of clearing toxins and easing your symptoms. Our herbal cough facesteam is an amazing add on to your natural dry cough remedies therapy. The process of raising your temperature to get the sweat going helps fight off nasty bugs. You are supporting your body to do its job. 
Mostly dry coughs are a reaction to an environmental allergen or toxin. Those coughs are non-productive, do not come with phlegm or mucus and are irritating. A dry cough could always be something serious, such as chronic lung disease and needs to be checked out by a physician.
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