Beauty Face Steam

Let mother earth make your skin beautiful

100 % Organic Herbal POWER
chamomile, lavender, rose buds + pedals, jasmine flowers, linden flowers, lemongrass
Your skin and pores deserve a natural cleansing
Mama Wunderbar's BEAUTY FACE STEAM is formulated to deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin. Our face steam will open up your pores, detoxify, heal imperfections then minimize your pores again. Also your skin will get an deep herbal hydration and nourishment that will make your skin glow and feel fresh and revitalized.

You will feel the beauty of mother earth

Our formulation is created by european pharmacists to help you to cleanse and nourish your skin. The BEAUTY SKIN steam bath is handcrafted like all our other Mama Wunderbar products and made with love.
Check, if the steam is too hot. I needs to be hot, but you should not feel any pain or burning.
Benefit: the chamomile will help you breath and clear your nose,


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