Flower Smudge Stick

Blue Sage and Flowers

Floral Smudge Stick

Beautiful organic and wild California white sage bundle. Wrapped with beautiful wild and garden flowers.
Smudging brings in cleansing and light into your home, office or your body. 

How does it feel like:
Taking an energetic shower
 Doing a deep metaphysical cleansing
(salvia apiana)

White sage has a beautiful scent when burned. It is the smell of 1000s of years of spiritual ritual.
The smoke from dried white sage changes the ionic composition of the air.
This can reduce our stress response.

When to us White Sage Smudge Stick

Clean your aura and space
Move into a new living space
Begin a new job
Start a new project
Start a new business
Before/after guests enter your home
Before/ after meditation or yoga
Upon an Argument
After any illness
After returning from crowded places

What do you need to smudge:

Matches or a lighter
Feather or hand
Drum(s) or music

All Flower Smudge Sticks are hand wrapped in a ritual ceremony blessed with love & light energy.

Approximately 8-9 inches
What to do:
Meditate, light Floral Smudge Stick, the blow 
out flame, let white smoke purify your home or 
Now go from corner to corner and clean negative energy.
Includes Smudge Ritual Card with directions, Ritual and Affirmation. 

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You will get a free small Flower Smudge Stick with our Moon Ritual (Online or in Los Angles)

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