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Red Aventurine Manifestation Stone

♥︎ Revitalize ♥︎ Manifest ♥︎ Romantize ♥︎

Stuck Daydreaming? Need A Kick In The Toosh? Red Aventurine Manifestation Stone May Be The Perfect Stone To Add To Your Purse. This Stunning Quartz Variation Will Encourage You To Live Out Your Wildest Dreams! Get The Motivation & Courage You Need-- This Crystal's Energizing Properties Promotes Vitality, Self-Confidence, Motivation, and Courage. Renew Your Confidence In Bringing Your Dreams Into Reality. Manifestation Works Through Believing In Yourself & Putting Forth Action.

Elements: Fire, Earth

Zodiac: Virgo

Chakras: Root

Most Impactful When: Attracting Wealth, Pursuing Goals, Taking Risks, Tackling Projects, or Starting A New Job.