Scarab Cuff

This Cuff Is Created From Brass And Sterling Silver, Making It Two Toned.

6.5 Inches Long With Moonstone Resting In The Center.

It Is Adjustable So You Can Form It To Your Wrist Or Upper Arm.

"May The Sun Illuminate Your Path." These Words Are Inscribed On The Inside Of The Cuff.

Bahgsu Jewels Original Design. The Scarab Has Been Considered A Good Luck Charm Since The Time Of The Egyptians For These Ancient Ancestors  Placed A Scarab On The Heart Of The Mummy. They Believed The Scarab Showed The Way For The Departed Soul Into The Light.  

Vibrating With The Feminine Wisdom And Goddess Energy Of The Waxing And Full Moon, Moonstone Has A Reflective, Calming Energy. By Unblocking The Lymphatic System, It Can Heal And Balance The Stomach, Pancreas, And Pituitary Gland. Helps All Be More Comfortable With Our Gentler Feminine/Yin Receiving Side.   

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