Smudge Bundle Workshop and Ritual Box Class (3/14 at 10:00 am)

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It is now time to harvest our inner light and discover ways to harness our passions through the winter season. We gather together to converse on the power rituals bring and share ways our herbal allies can contribute to our overall spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. During this conversation we will focus on how to define a ritual, how we can strive to use our intentions to bring rituals into our busy daily lives all with the help of plant allies, and share ways we currently connect with self through plants and rituals. In this expanding experience we will also dive into ourselves through a tea ceremony and make herbal smudge bundles to release anything keeping us from obtaining goals. Join us as we create an altar of awareness to better connect with our inner source through herbs and ritual work.

You will make your own smudge stick, choose a tumbled crystal of your choice, a black beeswax altar candle and incense stick of your choice. 

Mama Wunderbar is placed in Studio City

13259 Ventura Blvd


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90 min




Learn about White Sage, Smudging, Rituals

"Best Smudge Stick Class Los Angeles"

A smudge stick consists of dried white sage and other herbs such as lavender, yerba santa, cedar, juniper, mugwort, and black, blue or desert sage, tied together with twine or string in a bundle, usually small enough to hold in the hand.
White sage has been the traditional herb used in purification rituals by Native Americans.

Mama Wunderbar is known for its huge variety of different smudge bundles.
Learn and make your own ritual tools in a beautiful environment in Studio City.

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