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May 17, 2017


What is a cough? In order to clear the respiratory tract from substances, which can irritate or close the tract, when we cough, we push air out like an explosion. Coughing is a protective reflex, combating an ongoing or chronic infection of the respiratory tract. You might think a cough is just a cough, but there are actually different types; to find the right supplements, it is helpful to know which kind of cough you are dealing with.

Typical Cough Symtoms: Cough types, dry mucus

Cause for a cough is often a viral infection like a cold or bronchitis. A typical cough can usually be split into three stages:


Dry Cough and Productive Cough


Signs of a productive/wet cough: Mucigenous feeling. A productive cough helps your body remove disease agents; this is why it’s important to never suppress the need to cough.

Signs of a dry cough: A sore throat, where the smallest thing can turn into a cough. In a dry cough, no disease agents will be removed, and a dry cough can also cause sleepless nights.

Unfortunately, some cough teas found on the market are mixed incorrectly. For example, you can find herbs that promote dry, or productive, cough symptoms in one blend. All of our products are formulated by German pharmacists, to best help support the stage of cough you are in right now.  Coughs are not one size fits all; these different kinds of coughs are why we offer different cough products.

WARNING! If you are having a fever or cough attacks, you should see your doctor.