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Self-care tips for moms

April 26, 2018 2 Comments

Putting your best self forward requires intentional acts, even if that means stepping outside your comfort zone.  Because putting yourself first is not easy, but necessary.

You can feel healthy, look great, and live a joyful life, all while juggling a family and a career. But The key?

Self-Care affirmations

Self-care tips for moms

Here’s the deal beautiful mama: it’s not really about what we are or aren't doing. It’s about our being. Feeling that we don't do enough has nothing to do with what we do; instead, it’s about who we believe ourselves to BE.

When we walk around the world believing that we aren't enough, we'll spend our lives collecting evidence for this core belief. “I’m not enough because I said something wrong, I didn’t get everything done at work today, I wasn’t there for my friend/child/partner/family member the way they needed me to be.” On and on the self-criticism goes. 

Always remember: YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

Take a moment, step out and relax.

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Self-Care for moms: Happiness

"My happiness isn't an accident. It took a lot of work to get here, and it takes work to maintain it."

Beginning to explore the idea of happiness in literature, I began to accept that happiness is not dependent on circumstance. It's dependent on mindset, mama.

Happiness and joy start in your mind and manifests in your actions. Don’t let self-limiting beliefs convince you that you can't have what you really want. You can be happy and experience joy.


Self-Care with Flower Essences

Every time you feel unhappy, take a moment to take some of your JOY Flower Essences

All things in life emit vibrational frequencies. A healthy body will resonate between 62-78 hz. The rose has the highest vibration of all plants. Our body’s energy can be affected by thoughts, people, a toxic environment and toxic food. Everything we choose to incorporate into our life can either raise or lower our vibration. When using natural botanicals the molecules are absorbed via the blood vessels into the bloodstream. From there, the blood carries the flower essence through the circulatory system and through your body, thus enhancing you both inside and out!

Self-care tip - experience joy

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April 28, 2018

I love your blog posts and all of your images. They’re beautiful!

Ivery Arie
Ivery Arie

April 26, 2018

I needed this❤️!

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