Yoni Steam

Herbal Vaginal Steam blend from Mama Wunderbar designed to help women achieve a healthy cycle with no side effects. The organic properties will help to clean the uterus, improve vaginal flora, increase circulation and regularize the cycle.
  • Detoxify The Womb and Remove Toxins From The Body
  • Significantly Reduce Painful Cycles, Bloating, and Exhaustion Associated With Menstruation
  • Regulate Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Speed Healing and Tone Vaginal Walls After Birth
  • Relieve Chronic Vaginal/Yeast Infections, and Works to Maintain Healthy Odor
  • Ease Symptoms Of Menopause Including Dryness or Pain During Intercourse

*Disclaimer: This product is a supplement and not FDA approved

Do not use during pregnancy. 

Read more about Yoni Steam including instructions, benefits, and side effects here.

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