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February 20, 2021

Pisces Season
Creative & Dreamer
pisces season
Happy birthday creative, sensible Pisces in our tribe! You are a true dreamer. We wish you the most prosperous season of being unapologetically ✨ you✨
The universe is sending us some much-needed ~chill~ vibes. When the sun moves into Pisces, we will feel more at ease with life. Don’t be too surprised if you a deeper interest in meditation, rituals. candles, relaxation or taking a bath.
Zodiac Sign
Pisces is the biggest idealist of all the zodiac signs.
Pisces is a daydreamer and her visions are extraordinary. She expresses herself through peculiar mannerisms. Her open-heartened quirkiness allows her to fall in love with odd ideas. Pisces is spiritually connected and it can often feel as if her odd tendencies come from higher consciousness. Regardless Pisces is confident and outgoing. Her cheerful, loving spirit makes her a blast to be around. People often feel an outer body giddiness when hanging with Pisces. She has a champagne like effect on others.

Pisces Season - why we can stop stressing

Finally We Can Stop StressingYour need for less stress will seep into most area of your life, especially relationships, friendship and drama at work needs to end. You don’t have time for it this month. Now is the time to rise into higher planes and rolling into the deep. Let's do some art. Don't judge your work, just have fun with it! Consider this pisces season a mental health wakeup call for youself. Gorgeous soul you can't control everything happening around you, but you sure can control how you react or better don't. Objects: Scented candles
Aromatherapy/essential oil: Lavender, rose
Superfoods to enhance: Lucuma
Yoga pose: Child’s pose—for self-nurturing and healingAdvise:Keep a journal next to your nightstand, as Pisces season can enrich your sleep and deliver divinely inspired messages through your dreams.

Important Pisces Season Dates

You will feel romanticism and glamour, coming into your life. Also an inclination toward generosity and helping others.
Today the Full Snow Moon in Virgo occurs. This lunar event will push you to trust our instincts.
The New Moon in Pisces today encourages an escape from reality, so get ready to daydream.

Self-care during Pisces Season