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Embroidery Kits

Begin your first embroidery project with our 10 beautiful collection of Embroidery Kits.We offer handmade Embroidery kits for beginners, selected unique kits.
Are you ready to practice the relaxing craft of hand embroidery? Then come stitch with us!

Best Embroidery Kit for Beginners

Why is this a great embroidery starter kit?

This kit is perfectly for every starter. You will find everything you need for your very first embroidery piece. You only will need one string color which makes it a lot easier. It comes with all the things you need: Pre Printed fabric, hoop, needle and floss.

What to do when you finished your embroidery kit

After finishing your handmade artwork, you may hang it in the your bed or living room as a decoration. I personally decorated my daughters bedroom with our Gratitude Kit. But you also can share the love as a embroidery kit also makes a wonderful gift.